Vehicle electrification in mining is an imminent and driving force in the dynamic evolution of underground Trackless Mining Machinery.

At Fermel, our experience in the development of EV’s dates back to 2011 when we started with our initial program: the development and electrification of an ELECTRIC 25 Ton Hauler as well as the conversion /re-design of our ELECTRIC 18 Man Personnel Shuttle.

Based on the successes of the above, the interest received from the market sector grew rapidly, resulting in the roll out of our COMPLETE product ranges between the current period to mid-2022. As we have EV platforms CURRENTLY available, the drives and battery packs will be migrated across to all Fermel machines with similar duty cycles and operational requirements:

With higher utilisation platforms, such as the Load Hauler Dumper, we have included the facility for the user to opt for battery pack swap-out over and above providing for on-board chargers

A 5.5 TON EV production LHD for the LP Board & Pillar environment


Reliability Is the key driver to trigger the adoption of new technology . We have forged relationships with the top OEMs in the globe, in the field of EV’s to ensure a smooth transition and adoption. A heavily weighted pre-requisite for selection was product field experience and references in mining.

Going Forward...
Commercialized Equipment

A 6.5Ton GVM vehicle which has been configured into a personnel transporter.

A 25Ton Hauler, conceptualized and prototyped for the hauling of ore from the face to the tip, in a typical LP profile tabular ore mining operation.

Selected configurations from our Liberator range, namely, the E-SCISSORSLIFT:

And the development continues …

The MEDIATOR range of equipment will be available from the end of 2020

And within the same year, our efforts will be dedicated to the migration of our “smaller vehicle” platforms such as our Personnel Transportation and Maverick light duty utility range.

The following year, 2022, we will begin encompassing machines which are deployed in smaller quantities, namely the Grader and Compactor

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