FLP 450T Extractor 12-07-2019

A product uniquely designed and manufactured by Fermel, for the retrieval of buried equipment in STOOPING, PILLAR EXTRACTOR and OPEN-STOPE MINING.

Offering a higher capacity pulling force of 450 Tons (versus our 300Ton capacity Extractor), users may retrieve HEAVIER buried machinery without:

• Interrupting mining operations
• Requiring the use of other vital production equipment for towing /retrieval purposes

Product features & enhancements:

  • 2 x 100m Pulling chain (45mm Grade 8 MAX ALLOY)
  • 2 x Roof support cylinder that exerts a combined force of 650T to the overhang
  • 2 x Heavy duty single rim brake hubs
  • Retrieving speed of 2 min per stroke cycle (1270mm)
  • FOPS/ROPS Heavy duty canopy
  • Electrical & hydraulic switch gear and gauges for machine operation
  • Custom designed tow bracket and bumper
  • Central lubrication facility

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